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Integrate and facilitate engineering information
for project teams involved in process plant lifecycles

Bentley's Process Manufacturing Solution addresses the business and engineering needs of key process industry segments including:

  • Oil and Gas (Upstream Exploration and Production - E&P Downstream - Refining) 
  • Petrochemical and Chemical
  • Food and Beverage
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Industrial/Process Sectors

The challenge: The process manufacturing industry has experienced increased regulatory scrutiny, increases and fluctuations in the price of raw materials (including oil), more complex projects, and rapid development of new environmental technologies. To keep pace, the industry is pushed to build new facilities in growing markets, revamp existing plants in mature markets, and get them operational as quickly as possible.

The solution: Committed to the ISO 15926 data format for both data exchange between legacy applications, longevity of data, and as the native format for its OpenPlant products, the Bentley Process Manufacturing Solution offers the most comprehensive set of software products in the industry.

The Bentley solution for process manufacturing provides a comprehensive solution for conceptual design, detail design, operation and maintenance with applications that natively support the ISO15926 data model, and data connectors from existing applications that facilitate interoperability across the plant lifecycle.  

The backbone of the Bentley process manufacturing solution is the data - input once, use many times. This solution provides a data warehouse specifically designed to capture engineering data at any stage of the facility lifecycle and manage it in the way that process manufacturing engineering and operations staff would expect to deal with engineering information data. This backbone of complete, consistent, and correct information helps reduce project cost and schedules through improved collaboration across all parties, and it significantly reduces time and cost of handover from engineering to operations, thus reducing overall time to market.

Bentley offers the first truly open commercially available products that implement the ISO 15926 data framework for exchange of information during the lifecycle. This means that the engineering data truly belongs to the user. It is open to be exchanged between owner-operators and their contractors and open to be shared across all the applications that support the process manufacturing asset lifecycle.

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