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Integrated Projects for Engineering, Procurement,
and Construction Management

Integrated projects enable scalable and controlled work-sharing, versatile content reuse, and actionable feedback from all stakeholders. Today’s leading EPCM (engineering, procurement, and construction management) organizations deliver capital projects in short time frames while ensuring safety and quality. They manage project costs and drive productivity using solutions that help them facilitate collaboration and work-sharing between globally dispersed workforces and project teams, track and manage project changes, and comply with industry standards and regulations.

Bentley Systems is a trusted partner of the world's leading EPCM firms. Bentley understands the technology challenges of global infrastructure projects and provides project information management (PIM) solutions that span the entire integrated project delivery and asset lifecycle for EPCM firms as well as owner-operators.

Bentley’s PIM Solutions:

  • Help reduce risk and improve project visibility and productivity as well as
    information quality and integrity
  • Help ensure the safe and efficient execution of capital projects 
  • Support complex, globally dispersed, loosely coupled, federated capital projects
  • Support business processes that implement best practices on capital projects
  • Enable global reporting from a single point of access

Bentley's PIM solutions provide practical and robust capital project execution capabilities that support:

  • Digital project information that is managed, mobile, and shared throughout
    the multiple EPCM phase and from handover into operations
  • Performance simulation of the asset before it is built
  • Multi-discipline and multi-project type support
  • Aggregation of engineering information regardless of its source and ensure
    that it is useful throughou the asset lifecycle

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