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Intelligent Engineering for Communications
Network Infrastructure

The challenge: Organizations that plan, design, build, or operate communications networks need solutions that increase end-user productivity, make automatic engineering calculations, support field workflows, and deliver an intelligent, highly accurate network model.

The solution: Bentley delivers solutions to a variety of communications service providers with a focus on HFC networks, where Bentley applications deliver network designs up to three times faster than competing technology, and large telephony networks that are served by customized solutions based on Bentley’s platform GIS, network engineering, and mobility technology.

Bentley technology supports the field workforce with Windows-based technology as well as apps that run on iOS and Android devices. Users of the intelligent network model (such as customer service representatives), who do not need edit privileges, can also view and query the information through a web browser. And finally, Bentley offers technology for engineering content management and team collaboration to make distributed engineering teams more productive.

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